2 Mar 2006

Need A Job?

Subject: deviantART needs a Network Administrator!!! (#12375938)
Date: Feb 21, 2006, 3:19:15 PM
Rating: 8.94 / 127
Wanted: system administrator for deviantART!

Applicant must have several years of experience, with a variety of systems.
Applicant must have an excellent understanding and aptitude for: Networking: DNS, TCP/IP, ARP, firewalls;
Protocols: email, HTTP.
Systems: Linux in general, FreeBSD as firewall, Foundary switches and load balancers, Cisco switches

The applicant should also have most of the following covered:
Understanding and experience with network booted servers.

Backup systems and methods.

Familiar with Apache HTTPD. (1.X and 2.X)

Squid HTTP Cache


Hardware and software raid.

Subversion or other version control system.

Building and configuring of linux kernel.

Building and configuring of linux system image, (for network booted servers)

Cron scripts.

Monitoring tools

Work well with basic programming and scripting, such as bash scripts, PHP and C.

Other responsibilities include:
Research of new hardware, pricing, major input on design of network structure, concern for operating cost, uptime and data security.

Being in/around Los Angeles (or able to move to the Los Angeles area), with ability to visit colo facility (downtown) is a major requirement.

Applicant must work well with a small team and have respect for others, their time and needs. New ideas and solutions to problems should be welcome.

We are a small group, with access to a lot of technologies and opportunities that just will not happen elsewhere.

Please send all resumes to: nocaed@deviantart.com (with the subject "Resume")

We look forward to your responses!


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