24 Mar 2006

Missing Athletes!!!

You've heard about the missing atheletes of course. Eleven of them now. All missing from their cozy little cabins in the new Commonwealth Games Athletics Village in Melbourne.

Does no one care?

Have these eleven fine young specimens of humankind been murdered while they slept and their bodies dragged away to unmarked graves? What's happening? A satanic cult? Are they victims of secret government matter-transformer/transmitter/transposer experiments?

People from Sierra Leone are particularly prone to alien abductions. Especially the athletes. Only four years ago 70% of the Sierra Leone team - 21 of the total 30 - vanished during the Manchester Commonwealth Games. And now, in Australia, almost half of the Sierra Leone games squad have gone! But where is the outrage?

Also missing are Tanzanian boxer Omari Idd Kimweri, and Bangladeshi 400m runner Mohammad Tawhidul Islam, both of whom vanished overnight from their beds on Monday last. Perhaps in the dark they were mistaken for Sierra Leone athletes.

One of the greatest love is the love for your country...


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