31 Mar 2011

Blogger Dynamic Views For Readers...

Blogger currently offers five dynamic views for its public blogs. These views are only accessible if allowed for by the blog author. Try these now:-
These views require modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome or Safari. Many elements of these views will not work should you have an older browser.

In all views, search is available in the upper right hand corner. Clicking on the ">" arrow in the very top left of the header bar will slide the header bar across and allow you to choose different views for the current blog as well as type in a new blog URL.

There is also a feedback link for each view.
  • Mouse over any of the cards to see the post title and comment count. As you scroll down, additional posts will continue to load.
  • Click on a card to see the post in full view. You can navigate through the posts using J (older post) and K (newer post) or the arrow keys.
  • Hit escape or click Back to all posts to return to the Flipcard view.
  • In the upper left, click to sort by Date, Author and Category.
  • Highlight the texts if you can't see them (text's color is white or using other light color to suit the blog's background).  Hope in the near future we can choose the background color or the viewers automatically pick the blogs' background color as the background.
So what do you think?  How to get this for your blog? Log on to blogger now and see for yourself... Enjoy!

21 Mar 2011

Dell XPS9100... it's coming!

At last my XPS9100 arrived in the morning of 19 Mac 2011... Take a look at it... :) Nice eh?


15 Mar 2011

Have you looked at Blogger lately?

12 Mar 2011

We Care...

I wish all WSY's visitors from Japan and the people of Japan in a strong and safe condition in this hard moment...

4 Mar 2011

Dedicated Server And Its Advantages

Web hosting has always been a very important aspect of the World Wide Web in the recent times. Every company, organization or individual establishment that wants to get to the global arena usually go for a professional website which is only made available through web hosting services. Dedicated servers are among the basic systems used in web hosting. Let's take a look at the advantages.

What is a Dedicated Server?
Dedicated server is a lone web server situated within a network of connected computers. It's dedicated to a single customer or a single large business organization. In most cases dedicated servers are created with nice customer service directly from the web hosting company offering the service. The host company works with the client to ensure that the dedicated server meets all the expectations required.

There are some advantages associated with dedicated server. Let's examine them.

Meeting the Needs of Large Business Organizations
When properly installed, a dedicated server can meet the needs of a large business organization in diverse ways. It allows the client to customize both software and hardware set-ups to meet required needs. It also ensures faster data access and high traffic for the organization involved.

Easy Creation of Domain
Dedicated server helps the client to create several domains on the server easily. This usually helps companies that have chains of retail outlets or multiple divisions which they want to showcase on their sites. The creation of several domains reduces the cost of web hosting for the company involved since multiple domains are easily hosted using one server.

Stable operations
A dedicated server is usually very stable in every ramification. When you operate the server, you're sure to have enough control over what happens on it. You can decide on what scripts to run, the types of online activities to allow and so on. You simply direct the affairs of the server at will. This is where the dedicated server has an edge over shared server. In a shared server, your operation is affected by other activities going on from other quarters which are totally out of your control.

Nice Option for Large Business
Dedicated servers are the best options for larger businesses and corporations. They provide excellent controlled servers for such firms. With such severs, large businesses can have excellent control over what happens on the servers and their various business operations.

In all, dedicated servers are available through reliable web hosting companies. You need to take time to pick the right company that gives you the best. Always go for a company that has up-to-date technical support facilities. You can equally go for a company that provides 24 hour support any time you need that.

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Dedicated server is the ideal for large businesses. It gives you access to control the affairs of the online activities in your website. Find out more from anchor.com.au
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