3 Mar 2006

Tech Tales...

Dot's All Folks!!!

Hello. Super Duper Internet Service, may I help you?

Oh, hello. I signed up for the Internet and I need to type in my email address here. I don't know what it is.

What is your user name?

Joe Ferguson.

Is that your full name or your user name?

What's the difference?

Well for your email address.it would be your username at superduper dot com.

So I guess it would be JoeFerguson at superduper dot com.

If that's what your username is.

It's the only name I've got. Now. just where is the dot key on this thing?

The Real Card

Hello tech support.

Hello there young man. I'm having a problem with a computer I bought from you.

What sort of problem is it ma'am?

It's frozen.or locked up.or whatever they call it.

Were you running a particular program when it happened?

I was playing solitaire. And now when I click on the card with the circle in it, nothing happens.

Does the arrow on the screen still move when you move your mouse?

Let me see..yes it does.

Then I think the game of solitaire was over, there were no more cards.

Oh no! And I was doing so well!

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