26 Jul 2009


I care about my computers and I care for my dekstops too... I use a few softwares to suit my needs in customizing my desktops such as:-

To customize the look of my windows.

To customize the sounds effect of my OS activities.

To customize the look and behaviour of my pointer.

ObjectDock Plus
To get all icons nicely put everywhere I want to, I dislike the look of icons spreading on my desktops! I want to see my wallpaper!

WindowBlinds and SoundPackager are parts of my Object Desktop Ultimate program from Stardock. The other two are sold separately. Other modules in Object Desktop Ultimate are:-
  • IconPackager
  • BootSkin Vista
  • Theme Manager
  • DesktopX
  • DeskScapes
  • MyColors Themes
  • TweakVista
  • WindowFX
  • SkinStudio
  • IconDeveloper
  • ObjectBar
  • LogonStudio
  • Keyboard Launchpad
  • RightClick

Object Desktop Ultimate is not free but you can try any of the above for a limited time. You can also buy only the module you need separately. You can see more samples for the above at Wincustomize website. Once you purchase any of the above you can download the contents needed for free. They are CPU friendly and look good in hi-res so consider you have a GPU installed in your computer.

19 Jul 2009

Blu-Ray or DVD?

Blu-ray is here to stay with its new technology, and it crushes DVD-format in numerous ways. You get comfort and genuineness in one when you buy a Blu-ray disc player.

The vast disc storage is just one of the points, if not one of the most important one. There are room for loads of movies, or music on a blu-ray disc. And if you look at the DVD-format, the Blu-ray-format is more then 5 times bigger.

Different brand marks have launched different technology in Blu-Ray disc players for Internet connection. While you use of Viera Cast in Panasonic, Sony gives you Bravia Sync. DVD are not enable to do that.

You will love the clarity of the sound on a Blu-Ray enabled television.

You can make out various shades of the same colors with ease. Videos are not compressed, as bit-rates are high, 1080 pixels is the ideal format for Blu-Ray players.

Blu-Ray converts all format up to 1080 pixel. Its perfect when you re going for HDTV, which gives you a cinematic feeling. You got USB ports to link SD slots, memory card or Internet connection to be able to download the latest firmware upgrades.

Guru of Adaption
It can run both DVD and CDROM. So you know that with Blu-Ray disc player, you do not have to throw away old Cd's and DVDs. This is a major setback against DVD-format.

Blu-Ray Disc players can also be used as gaming consoles and therefore are a blast with children too. DVD aren't enable to do such things. Two other big points in favor of DVD, they are the cost and power consumption. Companies are working on these premises as well.

18 Jul 2009

Jakarta Blasts...

11 Jul 2009

Will This Be The Last Movie Of The Harry Potter Series?

Warner Brothers Harry Potter film is set to open July 15th, 2009. Like the previous film, this film will be simultaneously released in regular theatres and IMAX 3D. They are showing some great behind the scenes footage and new scenes from the new film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The video highlights both the dark and comedic moments of the film. Movies like this one are correcting the balance. It offers the best of both worlds.

David Yates is returning for the sixth film Half-Blood Prince, and I am sure that moviegoers will welcome him with open arms. I'm guessing somebody else noticed the improvements. David Yates is the director for which this amazing series has been searching. While Columbus's first two were cute sometimes too cute and imaginative, Cuaron's story driven focus on the third was very well-done, and Newell's streamlined fourth was well acted with poor effects, Yates's vision of the fifth novel was exactly as I imagined everything in my head. David Yates is the fourth director to take on the task of bringing Harry Potter's adventures to the screen. Yates has relatively little feature film directorial experience particularly compared to his predecessors but he still manages to put in a solid effort.

Director David Yates is a seasoned hand at TV realism, his credits include Sex Traffic and The Way We Live Now. Director David Yates has a great way of telling the story. Director David Yates is presently working on the Half-Blood Prince movie but many expected he would step aside for someone else to handle the film version of the seventh and final installment.

Movie fans expect Harry Potter will magically rule box offices this summer. Thirty nine percent of respondents in an online poll named Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the summer movie they most want to see.

On Harry Potter JK Rowling does an excellent job with this new story. She mixes action and romance with a dose of mystery and a side order of excitement. This could be the last film in the series because the actors getting so old now that it would be hard for future movies to be believable.

4 Jul 2009

Let's Talk About Cats!

Five Popular Cat Breeds
Choosing a cat breed can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know very much about cats! When considering a cat, you must be sure to choose a breed that will best suit your lifestyle. Some breeds require more physical activity than others, and some require much more grooming. Look below to find the five most popular cat breeds. You will also find a brief description about each breed’s grooming requirements and personality type.

The Oriental is one of the most popular cat breeds around. This breed is a very intelligent, loyal companion and tends to bond deeply with its family. It has large, pointed ears, and although its body is very sleek, it is still quite a muscular breed.

The American Shorthair is extremely popular with families, as they tend to be very affectionate and friendly. The American shorthair originally was a working breed, mostly for mouse hunting, which explains the agile muscular structure and short hair. They do need alittle exercise, but most are quite content being a lap cat.

The Birman breed is thought to have originated from Burma. It is perhaps best recognized by its blue eyes, white body, and smoky-brown face, ears, legs, and tail. Birmans possess a long, sturdy body structure with long, mat-resistant hair. They love to play and are quite gentle. They are affectionate without being too needy.

If you’re looking for a very affectionate, cuddly cat, then a Sphynx may be the breed for you. Although they look like they have no fur, they actually have a peach-like fuzz all over their body. As they don’t have much hair to protect their skin, they should strictly be kept indoors. This breed does require a bit of extra care, particularly with room temperature, as this breed can easily become too cold.

A very mild and gentle cat breed is the Ragdoll, appropriately named such as it can be quite floppy and relaxed when picked up. If you love a cat that accompanies you from room to room, this breed would likely be a wonderful match for you. They are very careful not to use teeth or claws when playing around, so they would also make an excellent cat for children.

Now that you have a better idea about the most popular, yet very different, breeds out there, hopefully you find choosing a cat to be a little less daunting than before. Be sure to remember that lifestyles are important factors to consider; so if you aren’t very active, you probably shouldn’t choose a cat that requires a lot of activity, and vice versa.

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