1 Mar 2006

The Meaning Behind The Flower

Here are just a few flowers and their meanings to help you chose the right arrangement for your special day!
  • Aster: Symbol of love
  • Arbutus: Thee only do I love
  • Bells of Ireland: Good luck
  • White Chrysanthemum: Truth
  • Forget-Me-Not: Memories
  • Gardenia: Secret love
  • White Heather: Wishes will come true
  • Lily of the Valley: You have made my life complete
  • Casablanca Lily: Virginity of purity
  • Calla Lily: Beauty
  • Orchid: Refinement of fertility
  • Peony: Happy Marriage
  • White Rose: Purity
  • Pink Rose: Perfect happiness
  • Red Rose: I love you
  • Thornless Rose: Love at first sight
  • Stephanotis: Happiness in marriage
  • Viscaria: Will you dance with me
  • Zinnia: Lasting affection

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