19 Aug 2007

Why should Dell preinstall Firefox?

For those of you who don't already know, Dell is currently considering preinstalling Firefox on its Windows machines. According to this topic's Ideastorm page (Ideastorm is Dell's way of allowing customers to tell Dell what they want), the current status of this idea is "Under Review".

As you can imagine, having Firefox preinstalled on Dell computers would be a huge step for Firefox and would greatly accelerate Firefox's adoption.

Since Ideastorm's launch, Dell has done a great job of listening to what people have had to say about the ideas posted. Now it's time for you to voice your opinion. Use the comment section of this Spread Firefox topic to tell Dell why you think they should preinstall Firefox.

If you think people should start using Firefox for its ability as a versatile and safe browser then you can participating by leaving your comments here: http://www.spreadfirefox.com. This could be our chance to finally convince Dell that preinstalling Firefox would be the right move. Let your voices be heard!


mikster said...

Sounds like a good idea.

Unknown said...

happily anonymous, yes indeed :D Thanks for the comment. Good day to you.

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