31 Aug 2007

Let’s celebrate Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day!!!

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This year Malaysia celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence. Malaysia has had much success in development and nation-building over the past fifty years. Partnerships and strategic alliances, both regionally and internationally, have helped Malaysia to become a modern and prosperous nation.


Anonymous said...

Happy 50th Malaysia! And Good luck to What Say You!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Malaysia, Langkawi at the north. Nice island, nice people and Malaysia is a nice country. Happy 50th.

Unknown said...

1. Visitor135, Thanks! :D

2. Dear Aussie, :D Ta matey!!! :D

Good day to both of you wherever you are... :p

krystyna said...

Happy The 50th Anniversary of Independence of Malaysia!

You created a wonderful place!

Unknown said...

Krystyna, Thanks so much! I've been to your "places", all are very impressive. Have a wonderful moment for you and family over there. :D

Masy said...

mlm merdeka sy tido awal, tak patriotikkah sy? hehe~


Unknown said...

APA???? TIDUR????!!!!! Hmm... kalau tak ada tugas tu baiklah duduk rumah aje... :D Buat kerja rumah... tidur pun OK. :D

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