24 Feb 2006

Group of Animals

Animals come in many forms, sizes and shapes and are usually grouped together in the wild for different reasons. They may work together as a team to; gather food effectively and efficiently, for protection, grooming, raising of their young, for migration and to play. You can go through the list to see what you know, ponder over a few and learn the rest. For example, what are a group of giraffes called? Or what are a group of owls called?

ANIMAL GROUP (Collective Names)

Antelope: A herd of antelope
Ant: A colony or An army of ants

Ape: A shrewdness of apes

Baboons: A troop of baboons
Bacteria: A culture of bacteria
Badger: A cete of badgers
Bass: A shoal of bass
Bear: A sleuth or sloth of bears

Beaver: A colony of beavers

Bee: A swarm, grist or hive of bees

Bird: A flock, flight, congregation or volery of birds

Boar: A sounder of boars

Buffalo: A herd of buffalo

Buck: A brace or clash of bucks

Caterpillar: An army of caterpillars

Cat: A clowder or clutter of cats

Cattle: A herd or drove of cattle

Chicken: A brood or peep of chickens

Chicks: A clutch or chattering of chicks

Clam: A bed of clams

Cobra: A quiver of cobras

Cockroach: An intrusion of cockroaches

Colt: A rag of colts

Cow: A kine of cows (twelve cows are A flink)

Coyote: A band of coyote

Crane: A sedge or siege of cranes

Crocodile: A float of crocodiles

Crow: A murder of crows

Cub: A litter of cubs

Curlew: A herd of curlews

Cur: A cowardice of curs

Deer: A herd of deer

Dog: A pack of dogs

Donkey: A herd or pace of asses

Dove: A dule of doves

Duck: A brace, paddling or team of ducks

Elephant: A herd of elephants

Seal: A pod of elephant seals

Elk: A gang of elks

Emus: A mob of emus

Ferret: A business or flensing of ferrets

Finches: A charm of finches

Fish: A school, shoal, run, haul, catch of fish

Fly: A swarm or business of flies

Fox: A skulk or leash of foxes

Frog: An army or colony of frogs

Geese: A flock, gaggle or skein (in flight) of geese

Giraffe: A tower of giraffes/giraffe

Gnat: A cloud or horde of gnats

Goat: A herd, tribe or trip goats

Goldfince: A charm of goldfinches

Gorilla: A band of gorillas

Goldfish: A troubling of goldfish/goldfishes

Greyhound: A leash of greyhounds

Hare: A down or husk of hares

Hawk: A cast or kettle of hawks

Hen: A brood of hens

Heron: A hedge of herons

Hippopotamus: A bloat of hippopotamuses /hippopotami

Hog: A drift, or parcel of hogs

Horse: A team, pair or harras of horses

Hound: A pack, mute or cry of hounds

Jellyfish: A smack of jellyfish

Kangaroo: A troop or mob of kangaroos

Kitten: A kindle or litter of kittens

Lark: An ascension or exaultation of larks

Leopard: A leap (leep) of leopards

Lion: A pride of lions

Locust: A plague of locusts

Magpie: A tiding of magpies

Mallard: A sord of mallards

Mare: A stud of mares

Marten: A richness of martens

Mole: A labour of moles

Monkey: A troop of monkeys

Moose: A herd of moose

Mouse: A mischief of mice

Mule: A barren or span of mules

Owls: A parliament of owls

Otter: A romp of otters

Oxen: A yoke, drove, team or herd of oxen

Oyster: A bed of oysters

Parrot: A company of parrots

Partridge: A covey of partridges

Peacock: A muster, pride or ostentation of peacocks

Peep: A litter of peeps

Penguin: A colony,parcel or huddle of penguins

Pheasant: A nest, nide (nye) or bouquet of pheasants

Pigeon: A flock or flight of pigeons

Pig: A litter of pigs

Plover: A wing or congregation of plovers

Pony: A string of ponies

Porpoise: A pod of porpoises

Quail: A covey or bevy of quail

Rabbit: A nest of rabbits

Rat: A pack or swarm of rats

Rattlesnake: A rhumba of rattlesnakes

Raven: An unkindness of ravens

Rhino: A crash or herd of rhinos

Roebuck: A bevy of roebucks

Rook: A building or clamour of rooks

Seal: A herd or pod of seals

Sheep: A drove or flock of sheep

Snake: A nest of snakes

Snipe: A walk or wisp of snipe

Sparrow: A host of sparrows

Squirrel: A dray or scurry of squirrels

Starling: A murmuration of starlings

Stork: A mustering of storks

Swallow: A flight of swallows

Swan: A bevy, herd, lamentation or wedge of swans

Swift: A flock of swifts

Swine: A sounder or drift of swine

Teal: A spring of teal

Tiger: A swift or ambush of tigers

Toad: A knot of toads

Trout: A hover of trout

Turkey: A rafter of turkeys

Turtledove: A pitying or dule of turtledoves

Turtle: A bale of turtles

Walrus: A pod of walrus

Whale: A school, gam or pod of whales

Viper: A nest of vipers

Wolf: A pack or route of wolves

Woodcock: A fall of woodcocks

Woodpecker: A descent of woodpeckers

Zebra: A herd,zeal or dazzle of zebras


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