9 Jul 2010

Octopus Paul picks Spain!

It is confirmed that Octopus Paul is picking Spain as the FIFA 2010 World Cup champion! Hmm... read my previous post what could be happened if Octo Paul choosing Spain hehehe... Read about Octo Paul picked Spain here.

I am not worry because I am with  Mani the parakeet from Singapore who have good predictions record too! Only this bird is not as famous as Octo Paul.  Mani picked Netherland!  So am I! :) :)

All the BEST and Hope you are right Mani! ;)

Hope you are WRONG Octo Paul! :-)

p.s. As far as I am concern, Octo Paul always picked the right side box to eat no matter what country's flag is there... So the person who put the flag in the box is a good game analyser... Hahaha...   Only against England Octo Paul quickly picked the Germany box at the left side maybe because he was too hungry... Hahaha...


ourblog said...

great beast who else is willing to predict?

MiLd™ said...


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