8 Jul 2010

Octopus Paul and World Cup Final..

So far that Octopus predicted well. I think Octopus Paul can only predicting well for the matches involving Germany soccer team. Other than that Octopus Paul might make mistake.  No matter what I'll take Holland for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
That's my prediction and I'll wait for Octopus Paul pick and if happen he picked Holland maybe Holland would win or maybe lost too. If "Paul" picked Spain then for sure Spain would lost the match.  We'll see... He he he. BTW I am not an octopus!
As a living kind I think Octopus  must be protected day and night or move him to Netherland for a while for a security reason because Germans do not feel at ease at Paul now... Watch the clip :)  Do not let this happen to the innocent Octo Paul... he he.

Read more at Buzzle. 


Basha said...

"BTW I am not an octopus!"
I hope so:) lol

Unknown said...

Hehehehe... Grrrrr....

♥iBU aDriaNa INsYiRaH♥ said...

hahah sebuk juga dia nk predict, dh mcm octopaul tu... goreng pon sodap haha tapi comel la kurita ni kan... apa pun, wc dh abes... hooray! sbb sy tk amik port langsung... tk tgk final pon hahah tidur lg best... esk kena keje... bestnya kalau bersara,kan!

Unknown said...


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