26 Jul 2009


I care about my computers and I care for my dekstops too... I use a few softwares to suit my needs in customizing my desktops such as:-

To customize the look of my windows.

To customize the sounds effect of my OS activities.

To customize the look and behaviour of my pointer.

ObjectDock Plus
To get all icons nicely put everywhere I want to, I dislike the look of icons spreading on my desktops! I want to see my wallpaper!

WindowBlinds and SoundPackager are parts of my Object Desktop Ultimate program from Stardock. The other two are sold separately. Other modules in Object Desktop Ultimate are:-
  • IconPackager
  • BootSkin Vista
  • Theme Manager
  • DesktopX
  • DeskScapes
  • MyColors Themes
  • TweakVista
  • WindowFX
  • SkinStudio
  • IconDeveloper
  • ObjectBar
  • LogonStudio
  • Keyboard Launchpad
  • RightClick

Object Desktop Ultimate is not free but you can try any of the above for a limited time. You can also buy only the module you need separately. You can see more samples for the above at Wincustomize website. Once you purchase any of the above you can download the contents needed for free. They are CPU friendly and look good in hi-res so consider you have a GPU installed in your computer.


Anonymous said...

Look kewl... Nice one.

Minho said...


nice la.

seriously nice.

P/S: dah beli IDE HDD. Samsung/160 GB. Siap dengan casing external HDD. Tapi cannot iniatilize/format it. How come jadi macam tu?

Unknown said...

Thanks! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks dude... About the HDD... it's not an external one I guess... The external HDD comes with casing, connect with USB or Firewire... ;) not IDE. Check that again please...

Masy said...

fuh fuh fuh *berpeluh baca sbb x terer ehehe*

Unknown said...

fuh fuh fuh *terer mendenye! Grrrrr....* Thanks anyway :)

Diana said...

Nice desktop MiLd! Love it!

Unknown said...

Ha ha... I know you... TQ TQ TQ... ;)

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