19 Jul 2009

Blu-Ray or DVD?

Blu-ray is here to stay with its new technology, and it crushes DVD-format in numerous ways. You get comfort and genuineness in one when you buy a Blu-ray disc player.

The vast disc storage is just one of the points, if not one of the most important one. There are room for loads of movies, or music on a blu-ray disc. And if you look at the DVD-format, the Blu-ray-format is more then 5 times bigger.

Different brand marks have launched different technology in Blu-Ray disc players for Internet connection. While you use of Viera Cast in Panasonic, Sony gives you Bravia Sync. DVD are not enable to do that.

You will love the clarity of the sound on a Blu-Ray enabled television.

You can make out various shades of the same colors with ease. Videos are not compressed, as bit-rates are high, 1080 pixels is the ideal format for Blu-Ray players.

Blu-Ray converts all format up to 1080 pixel. Its perfect when you re going for HDTV, which gives you a cinematic feeling. You got USB ports to link SD slots, memory card or Internet connection to be able to download the latest firmware upgrades.

Guru of Adaption
It can run both DVD and CDROM. So you know that with Blu-Ray disc player, you do not have to throw away old Cd's and DVDs. This is a major setback against DVD-format.

Blu-Ray Disc players can also be used as gaming consoles and therefore are a blast with children too. DVD aren't enable to do such things. Two other big points in favor of DVD, they are the cost and power consumption. Companies are working on these premises as well.


comey_lote said...

I opt for DVD jeee...blue ray is still expensive..tak mapu lagi..huhuhu

Unknown said...

You can wait till the technology is widely use and cheaper in the near future... ;)

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