31 May 2009

Wishing Happy Birthday in Different Languages...

Whether it's your birthday or the birthday of some one close to you, it'll always be an occasion that remains the reservoir of happy memories, lots of laughter and wholesome family fun! Birthday is one of those occasions where the strong emotional bonds, warmth of heartfelt best wishes go beyond the barrier of language and sincere and cordial birthday wish always becomes successful in conveying with its true glory.

Other than the usual party, celebrations, good food and sparkling birthday gifts, it is a day when the spotlight shines on friends, relatives, parents and cheerful memories. It is the day when the birthday boy or girl is in his or her most emotionally vulnerable state. Feelings, thoughts previously unspoken, may be in fear of denunciation are expressed on this day as it is the perfect occasion to share feelings and emotions along with best wishes.

When it comes to wishing your loved ones on his or her birthday, originality and uniqueness is the key to make your dear one feel surprised and delighted. It's hard to put in to words what you want to express to the birthday boy or girl on that special day, but once you tell them how wonderful you feel on their birthday, the expression on their face with bright smile and cheerful look makes the day all the more special. To brighten up the birthday of your loved onesyou may be finding the right word to express your heartfelt best wishes can be a difficult task, so why don't you go beyond the barrier of language and wish happy birthday in different languages. It's sure to make your friend, relative or whoever is the birthday boy or girl, feel fascinated and really excited at this unique birthday wish. Even if it is the birthday celebration of a little kid, wishing happy birthday in different languages can be a quite an educating way of wishing someone happy birthday. Kids can learn those languages a little and feel fascinated in exploring more, consequently stirring their learning faculty in an indirect way.

Here is a list which will help you to wish "Happy Birthday" in different languages of the world. So next time you are at a birthday party you can share the joy and excitement in different languages. It can be an amusing at the same time a unique learning experience for you.
  • Brazil: Parabéns a você! nesta data querida muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida.
  • Chinese-Cantonese: Sun Yat Fai Lok!
  • Chinese-Mandarin: qu ni sheng er kuai le
  • Croatian: Sretan Rodendan!
  • Czech: Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!!
  • Danish: Tillykke med fodselsdagen!
  • Dutch: Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! or Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
  • Esperanto: Felichan Naskightagon!
  • Farsi: Tavalodet Mobarak!
  • Finnish: Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!
  • French (Canada): Bonne Fete!
  • French: Joyeux Anniversaire!
  • German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  • Greek: Eytyxismena Genethlia! or Chronia Pola!
  • Hawaiian: Hau`oli la hanau!
  • Hungarian: Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!
  • Italian: Buon Compleanno!
  • Japanese: Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
  • Russian: S dniom razhdjenia! or Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!
  • Spanish: Feliz Cumpleaños!
  • Swedish: Grattis på födelsedagen
  • Taiwanese: San leaz quiet lo!
  • Thai: Suk San Wan Keut!
  • Ukrainian: Mnohiya lita! or Z dnem narodjennia!

Hmmm... Happy Birthday to those celebrate!

24 May 2009


This 8 months old Conficker or Downadup worm is still infecting around 50,000 computers on a daily basis and is proven to have infected several of the top 1000 companies in the U.S..

In September 2008 several security companies including Microsoft warned about a new threat arrives to our computers, the Conficker was on its way to you. The message was to all, update your software including the operative system to stay clear of the threat.

In May 2009, eight months later and several worm generations later and a massive amount of media attention the Conficker or Downadup virus is still active and makes its entry to computers worldwide. According to internet security company Symantec there are still around 50,000 computers infected by this virus and India, U.S.A and Brazil are worst hit by it.

Lots of the hype in the media seems to have died around Conficker, but it is making progress and spreads with a surprising speed.

Millions of computers are already infected by this malicious worm that can open security holes in back doors on your computer. This makes it possible for cyber criminals to utilize resources on your computer without you knowing it at all. The virus seems to spread to become the largest botnet in the world.

Companies are spending millions of dollars to avoid infections and misuse of their computer systems. However, it is difficult and really expensive to stop its parade into their computers anyway.

Companies makes an effort in stopping the viruses and to get control of its progress by setting up sinc hole servers to illustrate infection progress and the amount of infections. Based on this they can illustrate that many of the largest companies including Microsoft are still infected by viruses of various kinds.

The estimate is that 6 out of 10 web sites are vulnerable to viruses and could be sources of viruses.

The giant botnet of conficker is huge but has not yet made any dramatic on the net, or at least as we know about at this moment. But the botnet grows by the day and becomes fatter and fatter and therefore more powerful to launch an attack on the net.

It is a sizable botnet with enormous resources globally, and with the right control system, this botnet can perform significant activities on the internet and create potential situations that can be very harmful both to private companies and individuals, but also public authorities. -

Therefore it is of main concern how effective internet security companies can create a serum against these viruses, but also how authorities around the world can protect themselves as well as you and me against any malicious attack now and in the future.

You can check if your computers are infected by taking the picture test. Since the worm blocks over 100 antivirus and security net places, it will also block certain pictures from any security vendor.

Take the test here.

If you seem to be infected after taken this test, you can remove the worm with Microsoft own Malicious Software Removal Tool.

If this should fail, you can also remove the worm manually – even if this is not user friendly at all, and should be left to someone with some knowledge about the operating system.

Security vendors also provide software to remove this virus, so you could check some of their web sites to get help there.

If you can not access their web pages, then you have to turn of the blocking function of the worm itself manually. You can do this by the following procedure;

1. Klick on start and choose run

2. Write «cmd» in the dialogue box and press ok

3. Write the command «cd..» till you are left with only «C:>» in your screen

4. Write the command «net stop dnscache» and click enter

5. You will now be able to use the web sites and links provided above.

If you are not infected and would like to stay like that, then you have to do the following to avoid infection:-

1. Update with latest security patches from Microsoft. To stay updated is smart to avoid infections of a variety of worms and viruses, since they try to utilize security holes in the software.

2. Install antivirus and other security software and keep them updated. Try to avoid use of free versions of these tools, as some malicious activities are registered amongst some players of free antivirus software providers.

3. Make sure to have strong user identities and passwords on all systems and software you use on your computer and web sites.

4. Have a control on use of memory sticks and external hard drives on your computer. Turn off the autorun function on your computer.

5. Make sure you keep updated versions of other commonly used software like Adobe reader and flashplayer together with the realplayer f.inst. There are several other programs that are vulnerable, so please check upgrades of all installed software on your computer.

17 May 2009

OnLive Gaming System...

The new and exciting online gaming service by OnLive only launched this past March but already, millions of people around the world are showing interest. For one thing, this particular on-demand gaming service uses innovative technology so players around the world can enjoy high-end titles without the need to install or download. Working with a broadband internet connection, gamers will soon have immediate access to the 16 initial OnLive games.

Although gamers will not be able to lock into the monthly subscription for OnLive games until sometime this winter, the price will be affordable. In addition, OnLive will be offering members a number of package options and even game playing tiers based on skill and desire. Regardless of the option a person chooses, everyone can be certain that cost will be less than paying retail for standard console games. Obviously, with the launch of OnLive, retailers will be put in a position of serious challenge.

Typically, a game publisher selling a game for USD60 would keep approximately USD27. Additionally, the retailer would hang on to about USD15, as well as any revenue coming from reselling a used game. That means the console owner only receives $7. While that all sounds fine, the big problem is that to run such games, the gamer needs a very powerful and fast computer system, fast connection, and lots of patience while the game installs or downloads. However, OnLive games will be much different by taking a cut of what the gamer pays for the service. As a result, game publishers save a tremendous amount of money allowing game creators to increase profits.

What makes OnLive games so different from other online games is that streaming video can be viewed on a standard computer or television without additional cost of hardware, Ethernet cards, etc. This means the on-demand gaming industry will be changed dramatically! By subscribing to the OnLive service, the game chosen to play is run on OnLive's computer while the streaming video goes to the user. This creates the appearance of being on OnLive's proprietary controller, which is much like the Xbox 360 controller.

The way in which OnLive games are delivered is different in that a new compression technology is used. That means streaming to a conventional console or using high dollar graphics' cards is eliminated. Additionally, the video is received without dropped frames or lag time. The only thing the user needs is a 1.5 Mb internet connection and a high definition device, again television or computer.

Once this service is ready for public use, it will initially offer 16 OnLive games but over time, the numbers will increase significantly. Additionally, the service will give gamers the option of trying games to determine if they want to go ahead and purchase or not. Without doubt, this is the most awesome online gaming service ever developed with no more upgrades, no downloads, no discs, no recalls, and no wait time. Instead, every gamer, regardless of age, lifestyle, or skill level will be given the most incredible online gaming experience ever.

16 May 2009

Teacher's Day...


Thanks to all my teachers from my day one at school. I pray for all of you everyday and I hope all teachers in this world are good and sincere like my teachers...


13 May 2009

Graphics Card for Your Needs...

The popularity of computer gaming has intensified since its activity started 40 years ago. Even though the early games were incredibly primitive, today's games require the highest of computer power as game creators push computer skills to the extreme by creating the greatest looking games ever created.

Every computer gamer will know the struggle of getting the latest games to play on your PC, however this doesn't have to be the case. What the majority of gamers do not realize is that the graphics card is by far the single most important element in your PC for playing games. It is roughly three times more important then the next important component; the processor. This is in fact good information as you do not require the fastest processor or ridiculous amounts of RAM in your computer. What you will need is a very good graphics card and you will have no problems playing the latest games at their highest graphics settings.

The complex segment is choosing a graphics card for your computer. There exist many different models with vastly different performance levels hitting almost every price range. As a universal rule of thumb, the further you spend on a card the better its output should be however this does not mean you will be getting the best value for your money. To get the best bang for the your money, you will need to review every card individually and find performance reviews to truly see how well those cards cope with the latest games {To go for the best buy, you have to do an intensive search on every card possible and their performance reviews to make sure your card cope with the latest game you want to go for. Most computer manufacturers will attempt to lower costs by using low-cost or even onboard graphics on their PCs while using high specification processors to give the impression that you are purchasing a fast computer when in reality for computer gaming it will be near to useless.

If you do want to buy a computer with a good graphics card from one of the top computer manufacturers be prepared to pay 2-3 times more then their basic models to get anything capable of playing the latest games at a decent frame rate.. It is possible to improve the graphic card of just about any PC if you sense that your card is not up to the job. The process is incredibly easy and shouldn't take longer then five minutes to complete. For certain reason there is a vast misconception about graphics cards that have a huge quantity of memory e.g. 512MB, 1024MB etc having high-quality performance levels. Its not true at all and this is how manufacturers trick you , they sell you low performing cards at a relevantly high cost. The best procedure you can follow to determine graphics card performance is to look at performance reviews showing frames per second in game tests as this will show you the real power of the card. For the beginner it is best to ignore all of the card specifications such as core, memory and shader speeds as they can be incredible misleading when comparing two cards. The main performance level is determined mainly by the chipset or actual architecture of the card which is never really quantifiable unless you look at concrete performance tests. Now expectantly this vital information should protect you from being deceived of a high performance gaming experience. Have fun gaming at high resolutions with the graphics turned up to max.

10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

all over the world

3 May 2009

DeLL Studio One 19...

I want this!!!!!!

DeLL Studio One 19 in action...

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