13 May 2009

Graphics Card for Your Needs...

The popularity of computer gaming has intensified since its activity started 40 years ago. Even though the early games were incredibly primitive, today's games require the highest of computer power as game creators push computer skills to the extreme by creating the greatest looking games ever created.

Every computer gamer will know the struggle of getting the latest games to play on your PC, however this doesn't have to be the case. What the majority of gamers do not realize is that the graphics card is by far the single most important element in your PC for playing games. It is roughly three times more important then the next important component; the processor. This is in fact good information as you do not require the fastest processor or ridiculous amounts of RAM in your computer. What you will need is a very good graphics card and you will have no problems playing the latest games at their highest graphics settings.

The complex segment is choosing a graphics card for your computer. There exist many different models with vastly different performance levels hitting almost every price range. As a universal rule of thumb, the further you spend on a card the better its output should be however this does not mean you will be getting the best value for your money. To get the best bang for the your money, you will need to review every card individually and find performance reviews to truly see how well those cards cope with the latest games {To go for the best buy, you have to do an intensive search on every card possible and their performance reviews to make sure your card cope with the latest game you want to go for. Most computer manufacturers will attempt to lower costs by using low-cost or even onboard graphics on their PCs while using high specification processors to give the impression that you are purchasing a fast computer when in reality for computer gaming it will be near to useless.

If you do want to buy a computer with a good graphics card from one of the top computer manufacturers be prepared to pay 2-3 times more then their basic models to get anything capable of playing the latest games at a decent frame rate.. It is possible to improve the graphic card of just about any PC if you sense that your card is not up to the job. The process is incredibly easy and shouldn't take longer then five minutes to complete. For certain reason there is a vast misconception about graphics cards that have a huge quantity of memory e.g. 512MB, 1024MB etc having high-quality performance levels. Its not true at all and this is how manufacturers trick you , they sell you low performing cards at a relevantly high cost. The best procedure you can follow to determine graphics card performance is to look at performance reviews showing frames per second in game tests as this will show you the real power of the card. For the beginner it is best to ignore all of the card specifications such as core, memory and shader speeds as they can be incredible misleading when comparing two cards. The main performance level is determined mainly by the chipset or actual architecture of the card which is never really quantifiable unless you look at concrete performance tests. Now expectantly this vital information should protect you from being deceived of a high performance gaming experience. Have fun gaming at high resolutions with the graphics turned up to max.


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