18 May 2007

Blogging for Money to an End...

Morgan Stanley former economist Andy Xie warned of an imminent stock market crash in China, undeniably China is now has one of the world’s most influential economy alongside Japan, German, and the United States. Any minute disturbance or rumours would literally bring the entire world to another recession, something like the Great Depression in the early 19th century.

According to him, the recession would start from the United States and spiral down into Asia where exporters would be hit, he also warned that the global boom in equities would be over by 2008, which could be true considering the fact that after the Summer Olympics 2008, business would dwell in China and if things spin out of control, the rest is history, on top of that China GDP is growing at a rate of 8% - 10%, which is way above the average GDP and it is a basic principle of the universe where a reaction will create an un-opposing reaction, like an equation.

How about bloggers? and the internet? Personally I believe the Internet would be the hardest hit, or shall I say the first to hit the bottom. This recession is going to blow bloggers out of the water, they are not going to know what hit them. It is the end of blogging for money.


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