24 May 2007


* the biggest motivation is salary

* the unluckiest thing is promotion without salary adjustment

* the most "shiok" thing is you don't work anyhow also get pay increment

* the greatest talent is "carry big stuff"

* the greatest mistake is to argue with your boss

* the most demoralising thing is to receive salary late

* the most pitiful thing is you did not get your salary and your boss ran away

* the happiest thing is you become your boss' boss

* the cleverest thing is you are late but boss doesn't know

* the stupidest thing is you publicly say that you are lazy

* the most common thing is - the boss says something but means another

* the proudest thing is you sack your boss

* the most "rugi" thing is you work hard but your colleague takes the credit

* the most dangerous thing is to become a "two-headed" snake

* the biggest satisfaction - updating blog or sending e-mail during office hours!! heheheheheheheh.... Ngeh ngeh ngeh...


Noushy Syah said...

hhehhe..as an employee....

The biggest satisfaction is winning the boss's heart at anytime of the day!!

...as you can do wat ever you like
blogging unlimited...
mengulau as you wish..(pinjam bahasa melaka EZAD n KAK MASY)
chatting no probs...
have break on and off..
and working as you wish..ngehhhh!!

Unknown said...

Hmmm... I am surprise you are an "apple polisher"!!! LOL! No offense k? ;)

Noushy Syah said...

NOOO..I don't have to...even not the butter!!! it just melted by itself by my charmed!! Lucky me eh!!

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