2 Jun 2006

Who is the king?

One day the lion wakes up and decides he wants to show who is boss. He first goes to the monkey and roars, "Who is the king of beasts?" The monkey shudders and says, "You are, mighty lion. You are."

Feeling good about this, the lion procedes to approach the antelope, the hyena, the cheetah, and every animal he can find. All respond in the same way. Then he approaches the elephant and roars, "Who is the king of beasts?" With that the elephant picks up the lion using his trunk and whips the lion overhead, slams the lion on the ground, spins the lion in the air and lastly tosses the lion onto some boulders.

As the lion groggily revives, and in pain, the lion says to the elephant, "Just because you don't know the answer doesn't mean you have to be that way...?


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