22 Jun 2011

Where Is Garfield?

Since Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties in 2006 then no more Garfield movie... Those two movies of Garfield weren't bad at all - if it's a movie about cat then cat lovers surely love to watch it.  The collection wasn't bad either:-

Opening Weekend:
$7,288,977 (USA) (18 June 2006) (2946 Screens)
$140,225,000 (Worldwide) (16 December 2006)

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:      $28,426,747        20.1%
+ Foreign:   $113,275,517        79.9%

= Worldwide:  $141,702,264

I hope this year or next we could watch another Garfield movie and in 3D of course!  Make it more creative, more adventurous and much moral value in it.  I missed Garfield!


Sultana said...

Teringin nak nengok Spiderman lagi.(One of my favourite movies)Tp disappointed pasal katanya spiderman 4 leading actor/actress diorg tukar. Tarak best lah gituh... hmmm.

MiLd™ said...

Sultana: Hahahaha... Ni nak tengok movie ke nak tengok pelakon? :)

Masy said...

ok out of topic sat hehehe. hmmm lmbt x lmbtlah gak loadingnye blog anda ni encik MiLd. so.. mana upah? hehehehe

MiLd™ said...

:) TQ! Upah? Pahala dariNya insyaallah...

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