17 Jan 2011

Games on...

If you love to play games seriously on PC both offline and online, you should have at least these two clients; Steam and Impulse. You can buy any games available through them and download then install the games on your PC.  The clients will do the job for you plus the games are original and cheaper from the stores (but you will be missed the box and the printed user manual but the pdf manual is always there for you to read).  Payment is by any credit cards or paypal.  

All you need are the fastest internet speed you can get to download the games you buy. They are always between 4GB to 15GB in size. Also you need a descent PC with fast CPU, GFX card, plenty of RAM and enough hard disk space to run the games you buy. You must register first (it is FREE) with Steam or Impulse to make any purchase.  In my experience both are very reliable and they both support multiplayer on the internet or local area network (LAN).  The clients are also automatically updating your game if available but you can choose to update it manually if you want to.

A top notch game machine...
(Click picture to see the details)

TIPS: Sometimes the games are on sale!!! They can go to less than 50% to 75%!  But you have to wait for a special day of the world or United States such as New Year, Black Friday etc. to get that offer...


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