14 Dec 2010

Top Ten Cats 2010...

Here's a list of the 10 most popular breeds of cat. But we all know the most popular, the most beautiful, the most intelligent and the most loved, lives with us.

1. Persian - First place since 1871 when the Cat Fancier's Association started keeping records.
2. Maine Coon - Second place since 1992, this large cat has a gentle disposition and is an exellent ratter.
3. Exotic Shorthair - a Persian with short hair and the same sweet disposition.
4. Siamese - the Talkative ones with a sleek coat, once regarded as sacred.
5. Abyssinian - Elegant looking, active, playful and very friendly.
6. Ragdoll - Pick up this large cat (sometimes up to 30 lbs. or more) and it will go limp in your arms, very docile.
7. Birman - A cat with doggy traits like coming when called and greetingyou at the door; love their humans.
8. American Shorthair - Originally arived to American with the pilgrims on the Mayflower. Excellent pet for children and gets along with dogs.
9. Oriental - Looks like a Siamese but with 2 different fur lengths. Intelligent and curious, loves its humans.
10. Tonkinese - Another dog in disguise. Will play fetch and greet you at the door.

What's your favorite breed?

Contributors: AnimalLover, Hadassah, Mamairis
Source: Pet Wiki


comey_lote said...

I heartttt cats!!
I love Birman & Siamese the most! tp most of cats were from amrican short hair yg dah campur2 baka lain la... tp tak pernah tertarik kat persian...tak tau apasal..sbb dia cam lembab je..duduk je sepanjang masa....Eleh, si persian tu nombor satu pasal bulu lebat jer..pastuh mahal...tu yg glemer tu..cuba letak tikus depan mata...wat dekkk je

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha... persian cats nampak sombong kalau x kenal tapi dia sesuai utk yg suka cuddle pet. Mungkin sebab muka dia kemek kot :D Tapi semua cats masuk syurga! I love maine coon but hate the price...

comey_lote said...

ohhh ye ke semua cats masuk syurga?? i hope semua yg i bela dulu will help me getting into heaven with them..(err boleh ke??huhu)

Unknown said...

Tolong tuan masuk syurga tu tak pernah baca atau dengarlah pulak LOL! Malulah binatang tolong manusia! Rasulullah (saw) sanggup potong serban bila kucing tidur di atasnya sebab dalam tidur pun nabi dengar kucing tu berzikir... So dia potong serban tu bukanlah bodoh atau apa tapi dia x nak ganggu kucing tu sedang berzikir... allah hu aqlam... :)

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