9 Aug 2010

This game can be a good movie!

I watched Clash Of The Titans movie and I have to agree with this.  I think the video game Titan Quest Immortal Throne by Ironlore (closed) published by THQ is awesome if any producers and directors want to create a new adventure movie regarding Titans.  This game produced in 2007 as an expansion to Titan Quest.

It has a nice graphic, many regions of the world involved, nice costumes to pick up according to your skill, many creatures too!!! I really adore this game and still playing it until nowadays.  The soundtrack is cool and moving.... there are diiferent tracks in a different region. Check the game and the links about it and I think it could be a good movie right?

A few screenshots from me below. You can check the other screenshots here.  There are many actors to choose for a hero but a heroin should go to Angelina Jolie or Milla Jovovich or Jennifer Garner.  This could be a two part movies because the journey is long and tought. What Say You?

More info about Titan Quest Immortal Throne below:-


    Dustin said...

    Nice post dude loved reading it ,if you are willing we can exchange links as i am really fascinated by your site thanks

    Unknown said...

    Thanks! Been to your site and agree for a link exchange... :) Good Luck to you.

    Basha said...

    Ahh,, are you a game freak:-)

    Unknown said...

    Hahahaha... Only on the good games!

    Ardorm said...

    You are absolutely right, Titan Quest is an epic game!

    Still, I thought only about creating a movie for Gothic, but not for Titan. Nice idea!

    By the way, I would give the role for a hero to Vin Diesel :)

    Unknown said...

    Thanks! Hahahaha Vin Diesel, can do... :) I prefer Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. But if Angelina Jolie is a heroin then Brad Pitt is not my choice but who knows hahahaha...

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