4 May 2010

Choose the Right Video Editing Software to Suit You

All software makers in the marketing of their various video editing software products will be pushing specific features at you. One way to steer clear of being cornered into software that is unsuitable is by being conscious of the four general varieties of video editing software on the market today.

When you are looking through video editing software reviews make sure you know the exact targeted market of the software you are reading about. Additionally make sure the person writing the evaluation is taking this into consideration. Frequently home user level video editing software receives a poor ranking from expert editors reviewing the product. Usually for the reason that the software package cannot do something it was never designed to do.

Originally the video editing market started out with only two quite separate classes. At one end you had entirely professional programs like Sony Vegas Pro and at the other end, consumer programs like Adobe Premiere Elements with nothing between.

Gradually due to market pressure, most of the consumer grade video editors started to take on some of the features of the top level programs. This led to a third layer of editing software which was actually an advanced consumer product and was sometimes known as prosumer video editing software.

At the moment the marketplace has shifted again and at this time there is an even greater range of video editing software available to match all requirements. A new class of incredibly user friendly basic movie making software has been introduced and for many individuals these new programs may be just what they were looking for.

A few examples of these new products are Magix Video Easy and Corel Digital Studio. These two software programs offer fairly simple video editing, image editing and audio creation. They are wizard based programs meaning that you follow simple onscreen directions as to how you want your creation to look. Finally they use further easy steps and wizards to direct you effortlessly to the final end product regardless of whether it be to DVD, Blu-ray or direct posting to Youtube or Metacafe.

Due to the point and click guidance provided by the software it is very well suited to anyone who is either not especially enthusiastic about the editing process itself or not that technically inclined.

Next you’ll find the recognized consumer level video editing software such as CyberLink PowerDirector or Magix Movie Edit Pro. These applications have developed considerably since they were initially released into the consumer video editing market. Right now they tend to look more like the prosumer programs of the old days.

This level of video editing software has advanced to a point of providing impressive levels of editing control, broad video file compatibility for both input and output along with special effects, video filters, audio control and almost anything the consumer editor would desire and more!

As we move up to to the next stage the differences between consumer video editing and professional editing start to blur and so the name prosumer. Here you will begin to see features which are more behind the scenes instead of up front and easy to see. The capacity for dealing with multi camera footage and very precise control over the editing tracks are only a couple of examples of the control this level offers.

These editing suites usually retain the same onscreen layouts in terms of the graphical user interface of those at the levels below them which means they are not at all hard to master or at least approach. However whilst having all the features and functionality of the software below them they introduce more complex elements such as moving paths and more to the dedicated hobbyist. The advantage of heading directly to a prosumer level program is that it is very improbable that you will want to or need to upgrade later on.

Of course at the top level of video editing software are the fully professional programs like Avid and Sony Vegas Pro and in all honesty unless you are looking at becoming professional at video editing yourself there is absolutely no real need to go into it too much. They are astonishing in what they can do and extremely complex to learn!

In choosing video editing software be sure to bear in mind your real needs and objectives for the software. Don’t be attracted to the cool features you might not need. Look over the reviews keeping in mind which market it is aimed at and always take advantage of free trials.
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Thanks to: Lance Carr.

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