24 Apr 2010

420 - What Is This?

What does 420 ( 4/20 ) mean? Believe it or not, it means marijuana, as in pot, weed, drugs, etcetera. 20th April is National Weed Day in United States and a few other countries, and no we are not talking about those nasty little plants that you hate getting in your rows of corn. This is the stuff that changes your persepective on the world, and literally makes you want to focus and eat. Unfortunately, it also leads to other nastier and more dangerous habits.

It is widely circulated that the number 420 is associated with marijuana because of the date “4/20″. April 20th is 4/20 and now you know the code. April Twentieth equals “illicit drugs day”. Cracking the code of marijuana users can be a bit useful at times, especially if you are a parent and care about your children.

The buzz word for marijuana is 420 because people do not want you to know they are talking about something they are using that could get them thrown in the “Grey Bar Hotel”. One other story about how the number 420 was associated with marijuana is from a group of pot-smokers from yesteryear. The group called themselves the “Waldos” and “4:20″ was the time of day they would do their dirty deed of smoking the weed. This reportedly started at  their campus statue of Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High School. Regardless of who is right, be careful driving in the United States on 20th April.

Source: Seven Sided Cube

Marijuana is ILLEGAL in Malaysia! 

FACTS of Marijuana


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