14 Jan 2010

Everything Your 2010 Laptop Should Have...

At the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) you will see all the upcoming technlogy for this year as well as future years. If you're planning on upgrading your aging laptop computer you should really pay attention to this convention and what companies are debuting.

There are a bunch of new things that you should now expect from any new laptop that costs you above RM2500 in 2010. Laptop computers
live in an ever changing world when it comes to standards and this year is no different, there are new processors, hard drives and memory options that you need to know about.

Some of the new things you should expect to see in your new laptop computer

SSDs - Solid State hard drives are quickly becoming slim enough for laptops and are becoming cheaper by the day. You should expect to have the option to upgrade to SSD hard drive. The drives are significantly faster than your hard drive now and they operate from flash memory insted of a memory disk like your hard drive now.

Blu ray - Laptops have been having HD screens for a year or so now so blu ray disk drives is something that just makes sense to add to a laptop. There are going to mulitiple laptops under RM2500 with them.

Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs - Intel just announced new faster and more efficient processors that are going into 2010 laptops.

USB 3.0 - This technology was debuted in 2009 but is now going to be available to the public on new laptop computers. USB 3.0 is faster at transfering data than SSDs.


Masy said...

laptop sy yg dah 5 thn tu ttp mcm tu jugek xde perubahan since i'm not a comp geek. sian laptop, xde kemajuan hehehehhe

MiLd™ said...

Ha ha ha.... As long as it's still fulfil your needs then go ahead with it :) Unless you have much money to spend or that laptop failed to fulfil your needs in your daily uses.

Eyriqazz said...

i want a new laptop

Ada Apa Dengan Hanis Zalikha

Aura Hanis Zalikha

MiLd™ said...

Hehehe... May your wish come true soon.

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