26 Sep 2009

Cordless Headphones

Sometimes when you just want to listen to some music alone or when you do not want other people to know what you are listening to, you may want to consider using headphones. Nowadays, there are many types of headphones available in the market to choose from and one of them is Cordless Headphones.

Cordless headphones are headphones that are not physically connected to the main device with a wire. These headphones use radio waves to receive signals from the main source. They provide extreme flexibility to do anything while wearing them - walk, jog, skate or even ski.

Cordless headphones are becoming fairly common even for household use like watching TV or listening to music. Since they are not connected by cords to the main equipment, they allow flexibility to move around and do things like cooking, exercising or any other household chores.

Some wireless headsets use infrared rays for receiving signals, like a remote control. These have a limited range of receiving of a maximum of 30 feet. Cordless headphones, on the other hand, use radio waves. The headset should be adjusted in frequency with the base station so as not to interfere with other devices. These headsets have a greater frequency of up to 2.4 GHz and can reach up to 300 feet.

When buying cordless headphones, you should consider the following: Are they comfortable? Do they stay securely in place for long hours? Are the headphones flexible and unobtrusive? Are the volume and other controls easily accessible? Is the sound quality on both lines clear?

The Internet is a good source for locating the ideal cordless headphones. There are several web sites that provide comprehensive information about the wide range of cordless headphones available in the market today.


Fyzal said...

it can't be deny that cordless headphone is nice.. but the cost must be higher right? for me thats the only prob with this technology.

but still it is a nice gadget. :)

MiLd™ said...

Thanks for the comment... We have to wait for the right moment to get it... :)

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