26 Mar 2009

10 Things To Do During Earth Hour...

10 Things To Do During Earth Hour
1. Gather family & friends for a night picnic
2. Dine in one of the many Earth Hour participating restaurants by candlelight
3. Organise a family night playing board games
4. Throw an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours
5. Arrange a house party lit by torches
6. Take your pet for a night walk
7. Hand write a letter to loved one by lantern
8. Sit in the dark and share stories
9. Read a book using a book light
10. Share a romantic night in with your loved one


meen said...


thanks for the suggestions Mild. I dah plan nak candle lite by the pool..sambil menikmati panorama KLCC tanpa cahaya lampu..hihi

MiLd said...

Wow...! So romantic!!! Err... Alone??? lol! BTW Enjoy your dark weekend! :)

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