12 Oct 2008

Renaming Windows 7...

What name do you like for Windows 7? Cast your vote at ZDNet. For me I would like to call it Windows OW1 so on... WHY? Because... in short it will becomes WoW! When someone asking me what is my OS so I can easily answer, "I'm using WoW Three! What's yours?"

Windows OW can also be called Windows of the World, Web of Windows etc, etc, etc..! WoW!

By the way.... we have to wait because;


... said...

wow mild.. to hi tech for me lah.. baca fr previous post sampai skang nie naik berpinau mata.. sbb nak memahami aper ke mende tu semua.. hehehehe.. hehehe

sib baik tau IT sesket.. takde le buta IT sangat.. interesting article :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment acik... :D Kalau minat mesti boleh punya!

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