8 May 2008

Merchant and the Fisherman...

An American merchant was travelling around close to a Mexican village once. He then saw this local fisherman arriving back from the sea with a few fish in his boat.

"How long did it take you to catch the fish?", The merchant asked the fisherman.

"A very short time", replided the fisherman.

"Why didn't you wait longer so you could catch more fish?" asked the American merchant.

"Because this much is enough to fill up my family's stomach.", said the fisherman.

The merchant then asked: "what do you do with the rest of your time?"

"Well, I sleep late; then I'd do a little fishing; then I play with my kids; then I'd go in the village to drink and play guitar with friends. That's all we do...", was the Mexican fisherman's response.

The American merchant then said: "Well, I have studied in the Harvard and I can help you. You have to fish more and sell them. Then you can buy a larger boat with its money and with the income you get off that you can then buy more fishing boats. Then you'll have a lot more boats for fishing.

"And then what?", asked the fisherman.

The merchant replied: "instead of selling your fish to the medelling man you can sell them directly to the customers and set up a business for yourself... Then you'd build a factory and supervise its productions... Then you'd leave this small village and then you go to Mexico City! And after that to Los Angeles! And after that to New York... That is where you'd be doing more important jobs...

The fisherman asked: "how long would that take?"

"About fifteen to twenty years!", said the merchant.

"And then what sir?", asked the fisherman.

The merchant responded: "that is the best part: when the right time comes, you'd go and sell the company's stocks at a very high price. This will bring you millions of dollars of revenues!

The fisherman, excited, said, "millions of dollars? And then he asked, "well, what then?"

The merchant replied: "then you'd be retired! you'd go to a small coastal village! Where you can sleep late, do a little fishing and play around with your kids! And then go in the village to play guitar with your friends, stay late time and have fun.


doshdosh said...

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