30 Mar 2008

Shoes care...

To help maintain the appearance and to prolong the life of your shoes, shoe specialists recommended the following:-
1. Regular use of the shoe care protector will help to guard against staining and water penetration.
NB:Important - Please note: A protector spray will not make the shoe waterproof.
2. Wet shoe should always left to dry naturally, never by artificial heat.
3. The use of shoe horn will prevent damage to the back of your shoes. The use of shoe trees will maintain the shape of your shoes when not being worn.
4. To prolong the life of your shoes, it is advisable to alternate wear between two pairs of shoes.

Leather Soles are a natural product which offer you, the wearer, a breathable, flexible sole. Because of its porous nature, a leather sole will let in the water. For this reason they are not suitable for excessive outdoor use. After a period of time the soles will wear away, even under normal conditions, making it necessary for the sole to be repaired.

Polyurethane (P.U) Sole is lightweight & comfortable in wearing. To maintain the life of the sole, a few notes must be noted:-
  • Never leave the shoes unworn for more than six months after used or it may crack when it is reused.
  • This sole is not suitable for any performance in sports or adventure outdoor use.
  • Never use any chemical to wash the surface of the sole if there is some stubborn stain.
Rubber Sole is very flexible in bending and therefore it is comfortable. It gives excellent results in water and oil resistant. It also could stand to a very high temperature without damage if compare to other type of sole.

EVA Sole has became latest technology in sole manufacturing. It is very soft and comfortable yet durable. Resist high temperature with good water and oil resistance level. It is light in weight excellent shock absorbency and good gripping surface.

Leather shoes need regular cleaning and care with wax polishes or shoe creams. Select closes colour to your shoes – if in doubt use a neutral shade. Before cleaning ensure the shoes are dry and remove all surface mud and dust with a damp cloth.

Due to the fine nap of this leather, extra care should be taken when cleaning. Gentle use of suede brush with a nubuck or suede cleaner will remove most stains.

Please note: nubuck and suede leather cannot be entirely colourfast.



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