25 Jan 2008

Australia Open 2008... another shocking moment...

The King beaten by Novak Djokovic
Once again, we have seen that when Roger Federer plays a half-decent opponent who refuses to choke, he has been defeated easily. All knowledgeable tennis analysts knew that Djokovic would crush Federer in straight sets today, the only surprise is that Federer played his best tennis and still lost so convincingly.

It of course goes without saying that Federer has finished winning Slams for good now. So, where does he figure on the all-time greatest list? The answer is, he doesn't. 12 Slams amassed in a ridiculously weak era, and he loses to his only main opposition when they eventually showed up. The transition in men's tennis is finally coming to an end.

What a mouth-watering prospect of a final.
A key pointer to the probable outcome may be each player's attitude to his appearance in the final.

Tsonga has already climbed his personal mountain- he has made it past the World No 2 and will arrive in Sunday's final to a place in which he will feel very uncomfortable i.e. He will be asking himself "At this stage in my professional tennis career, do I really deserve to be out here?" Despite his calm demeanour in the semi he may marginally tighten-up with nerves and for instance fail to make those incredible drop volleys.

Djokovic, has also climbed a mountain and overcome a personal bogey (Federer) but now will confidently believe that the title is there for him to take i.e. fate has determined that he is ready to take his first major.


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