27 Dec 2007

Video is the Future of the Internet...

Business is all about supplying a service and or product that meets a need of an individual or group of people. Hence, companies large and small have three basic things they must accomplish. First they must know the needs of their potential clients. Second, they must have a great solution to meet that need. And third they must have an effective way to communicate that solution to that target customer base.

Most established businesses have existing products and services that fulfill a certain need. The challenge is, in order to grow it must find a way to effectively reach more people and convincingly articulate to them that its products will best suit their needs. In other words, once you have a product, it’s all about Marketing. Successful marketing does two things. First, it reaches a large number of prospective clients, and at the same time it convinces them that you have the best solution for their particular need.
In terms of potentially reaching the most people, more and more companies are turning to the Internet. The popularity of the Internet has exploded over the past decade, and continues to grow. According to the most recent Nielsen/NetRatings in 2005 there are now 221,437,647 Internet users in the United States alone, and an additional 667,243,484 users worldwide. The Internet today can link the needs of almost a billion people to the solutions of any given business. The goal for any business using the Internet should be to present a convincing message that its products and services are exactly what the viewer is looking for.

In the past, this has traditionally been done by means of websites with written texts and still images. Today’s technology however is changing this trend forever. Streaming media, and more specifically, streaming video is the hottest and most exciting media development on the web today. Through the use of streaming video a business can essentially transmit a clear interactive and engaging message on-demand, to any Internet connected device in the world.

Streaming video combines the best attributes of we
b-based media with the persuasive nature of broadcast media. In fact, recent studies now confirm that streaming media marketing substantially increases brand recall, brand awareness, and positive brand perception. Incredibly, in a study by Vpoll Surveys, marketing with video media was shown to produce response rates of up to 60 percent, compared to just .01 percent of print media.

Practically every business that is using the Internet to display its products and services can benefit from video streaming. The cost of incorporating strea
ming to an existing website is a fraction of broadcast or even print media. And the results speak for themselves. The applications are limitless, but examples include product demonstration and instruction, virtual tours and testimonials. Steaming media is affordable, effective, and is only going to grow in importance and impact to those doing business on the web. Take a step into the future and enrich your web site, grow your business and escalate your profits and income with streaming media…it’s a sound business decision.

About the author:
Ryan Dennis has an MBA in International Business. He currently owns and operates a small business with annual sales of 1.4 million dollars. He is also Senior Director of Marketing for Streamline Productions, whose mission is to help business owners maximize their marketing effectiveness by bringing their products and services to life! You can contact Ryan by e-mail: Ryan@websitestolife.com or by visiting www.websitestolife.com


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