29 Jul 2007

The Relationship between Happiness and Work

Success means different to various sorts of people. But to most people, unfortunately, success means a new car (that is not just any car), a mansion, multiple businesses, a white collar job, management work, or just plain money. Having all these things could give you a sense of power. Yet a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is far more difficult to achieve. You would have to tap into the immaculate relationship between happiness and work.

The relationship between happiness and work is often overlooked especially as happiness is more frequently equated to family life or to love. However, the relationship between happiness and work bear out an important concern since an unhappy work-life affects our other relationships most especially the home. The key then is to keep a healthy, positive, and sustained relationship between happiness and work, and to do this, you dont have to be (job-) rich.

What could be said as the most serious hindrance to happiness in the workplace is discontent. Most people always wait for the time they will be happy when actually they already are. If youre not experiencing any on the following list then you might want to look closer into your inner contentment. The obvious obstacles to having a good relationship between happiness and work are: lack of job security, not having enough salary to pay debts, living payday after payday, no money to save, invest, or buy a house or lot, being passed-over for wage-increase or promotion, getting stuck in a dead-end job, lack of know-how about technologies coming into your workplace, embarrassment about your job, frustration at seeing others get on better or get ahead faster, desiring to do better but unsure of what to do or how, and worrying about the future in general. The solution to these problems could only take a diligent choice and change physically. However if you still feel discontented when these physical problems are already out of the scenario, then thats the problem. You might want to look into your goals to work against trying to succeed in the sense of priding for a good show or towards greedy objectives, for success is far simpler than all these, yet much more pleasing.

Im sure youve heard about this maxim, learn to do the smallest thing in the grandest manner This is a great summary when it comes to the concern about our keeping the relationship between happiness and work within reach. One may not catch a successful by-product out of his good efforts yet the thing is, as always, performing your chosen job as well as you are able win or lose. And if you manage to win only a perfect little world, then remember that it is still a perfect one no matter how little.

In the end it might just be, gaining more than what you earn.


Noushy Syah said...

The relationship between happiness and work is often overlooked especially as happiness is more frequently equated to family life or to love....

..true enough if we are happy with our relationship-->is a huge scope, our sub-conscious mind would trigger the feelings of joyful and contented that make us happy to face whatever situations..come what may!!

P/S Good example is: I was told by one of my friend whom already married that why she's behaving not like herself @ certain times is bcoz, she's not contented with her life.I asked why? She said emmm mlm tadi xpuas!! Closure.Fullstop.Now you see..relationship does affects in happiness at work place...

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